Embracing The Love Of God | Book Review Sep 15, 2016

Embracing The Love Of God Book Review - Book Cover
Embracing The Love of God; James Bryan Smith; 1995; Harper One; 192

One of my pastors recommended that I read *Embracing the Love of God*by James Bryan Smith. I ordered this book a few months ago from the bookstore at my church, and decided to follow through on his suggestion and read it.The only reason I ever heard of James Bryan Smith is from reading one of his more recent published works titled, The Good and Beautiful God. Other than that, I know nothing about him. On the back cover, it states he is the chair of the religion department at Friends University and is also a key leader for the Renovare Organization. However, this information is based on a book that was released in 1995. Would this information be outdated 21 years later? Well it appears not. Based on more recent bio sections, little has changed. His role, position, or title may have changed at Friends University and Renovare, but he is still there. The bio found in

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