How To Be A Perfect Christian | Book Review Aug 8, 2018

How To Be A Perfect Christian Book Review - Book Cover
How To Be A Perfect Christian; Adam Ford & Kyle Mann; 2018; Multnomah; 208

Adam Ford is no longer a stranger in the world of publishing. He already has two self-published comic entries, Implications Abound and Thy Kingdom Comics. This time will be Fords first ever traditional published work. This is also his first book that is not comic based. This is all possible because of a side-project he created called The Babylon Bee.

The Babylon Bee is a Christian news satire website created by Ford with the help of Kyle Mann. A handful years old, this site has gained immense traffic. It has exploded into a social phenomenon. This has led to authoring a book of Christian satire literature titled, How To Be a Perfect Christian. There is no mention of any author name other than The Babylon Bee. While this is a project created by the Bee, the actual authors would be the combination of Adam Ford and Kyle Mann.

Let's be clear, How To Be a Perfect Christian does nothing to live up to its title. Right away a title like this should not fool anyone or give any serious thought. It did not fool the cashier who laughed at its title when I purchased it. Even the cashier knew there is no such thing as a perfect Christian. This book needs to be taken as light hearted nonsense. If anyone was to follow the actual advice of this book, they would be the worst Christian imaginable. To be more accurate, they would not even be a Christian. This is Christian satire at its finest.

While How To Be a Perfect Christian is different in its format, its not much different than Fords previous work. It once again pokes fun at how much Christians have twisted the message of Jesus. Instead this time it encourages the reader to live out false Biblical principles. With humourous sarcasm, it navigates readers on the road towards Christian life perfection. Its satire offers ridiculous ways to join a small group, do life together, pray, and how to avoid serving. This is a hilarious 'how to' guide on maintaining a righteous image of perfection without showing any imperfections. The advice is crazy, but what is more crazy is that some Christians actually live it out to a certain degree.

I am fascinated and scared how many Christians actually commit these actions. Any Christian that reads this book will no doubt relate to the hypocrisy. They will either see it in their own life, in other Christians, or in the church itself. There are several quirky guides that will provide some comical moments. There is this Holiness Progress Tracker 5000 which displays a Christians progress towards becoming as holy as Jesus. Spiritual Gifts, Christianese Translations, and Biblical Translations are other guides as well. They all help the Christian maintain a perfect holy image without lifting a finger. They even provided a gospel tract to rip out from the book and give to save a soul. If that was not enough, There is even a reserved page to colour on. This mocks the idea how colouring books help Christians become mature and spiritual.

How To Be a Perfect Christian does not take itself serious, and neither should the reader. How much readers will enjoy this depends on the readers sense of humour. For some, the humour will click right away. For others, it may actually come across as insulting. There is not a single page of serious advice to read. There is no mention of how horrible and wrong their advice actually is. They depend on the readers to already know this. I am depending on readers to know this too. DO NOT live this book out!

I have never read satire that shows Christians the correct way to live by sharing the incorrect ways. I have never seen this type of an approach before, but in a strange way, it may work. Through sarcasm and satire, this allows Christians to reflect on not what to do. They will realize the crazy actions they are guilty of in a hilarious way. At the very least, this publication allows Christians to take a moment to laugh at themselves. At the very most, Christians will understand and appreciate the message behind the humour.

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